Homemade Contest

The Key Biscayne 4th of July Parade is looking for creative people to participate in this year’s parade. We know it’s not easy putting something together so we’re offering $1500 to the best homemade entry, and $500 to the best decorated golf cart or bikes.

What is homemade? Homemade means you didn’t hire anyone to make it, and you didn’t rent it out. It can be anything from a decorated bike or golf cart, to a full fledged float. Creativity and originality is the key.

The only rule is that a float promoting a commercial business can’t win the money (sorry, you already get the free marketing). Non-profits, community groups, and individuals are OK.

Official Rules for the contest:

1. You cannot contract out the float from a float company or similar.

2. You cannot pay to have your float made.

3. Your entry cannot be sponsored by a company. Community groups, organizations, and individuals are OK.

Thanks and good luck!

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